From Germany with love

“I dont speak German.” Those were the first words to come out of my mouth after I got off the train at Hauptwache (don’t ask me how to say that). I had just flown 2 hours to DC and then 8 hours to Frankfurt. I slept 3 of those hours thank to benedryll. Now I was alone in Germany and it was raining and very cold. I made it to my hotel finally, after giving in and taking a taxi. After putting on the extra shirt I had brought I ventured out into the city. Now when I had looked at the weather online, it had said “light” rain, but let me tell you this rain was not light. It was pouring. My poor knock off converse. I had only been walking about 5 minutes before they were completely soaked, but I didnt even really notice. I walked down Zeil, the shopping street, which was filled with very nicely dressed German teenagers. Then I walked to Romer, which is the historic old town. Here I found a starbucks and stopped here to get warm. The people spoke english, the coffee was better than at an American starbucks, and they gave you your coffee in a real mug. I sat by the window looking out at the old German buildings and sipping my coffee. It was wonderful. Then I went exploring. I bought myself a little post card for .50 euro. I also crossed Frankfurt am Maine (the river) and discovered how much I love rivers. I stood in the middle of the bridge. One way down the river was Berlin and the other way was Bavaria (thats where all the castles are). I found a little German cafe and got myself some apple strudel and a cappuccino. There were 6 men at the table next to me and I noticed they were speaking spanish. One of the men turned to me and asked if I could take their picture. I said yes, and took it, and then he asked me if I spoke spanish. I replied in Spanish, only a little, and then he asked me where I was from. I said Atlanta and then he said they were all from Miami. He didn’t speak much English so we talked for only a few more seconds. It was nice to have someone to have a conversation with for just those few seconds. After this I walked around and explored some cathedrals and wandered down streets. I discovered that no one knew I wasn’t German until I opened my mouth, so I just kept it shut. I loved the city. It’s supposed to be the most boring part of Germany so if thats the most boring, I cant wait to see everything else. I will go back, but hopefully with friends and without rain.

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