just thought I’d drop in

So I thought I’d do an little bitty update just so you all can know what I’ve been up to. I have been working mostly with a street kids center in Osu. I have been doing some art with them and helping them with reading and math. They are all boys ages 10-17. They are so funny. I love hanging out with them. This past week I went to an orphanage called Beacon House. Me and Kaitlyn just held the kids and talked to them. There are a lot of really small kids and babies and they were all adorable. A few of them have Hepatitis and HIV. I will be going there more in the next two weeks. Last weekend we did a church service at the Right to Dream academy and I got to lead worship. Tomorrow we are going to an orphanage and doing a service there. I’ve been having such a great time and I love being here. Keep praying for me that I would stay healthy and safe and that God would continue to work through me. I love and miss you all and will see you in two weeks!

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