oh dear

It has been a dreadfully long time since I’ve last written. My life has had no time for creativity and instead has been full of studying (which I should be doing now) and folding baby clothes (dont worry I didnt have a baby.. I work at oshkosh). I thought I would take a moment to breathe and talk about a few random things. I’ve been wishing for Europe but there’s nothing new about that. I’m fascinated with the color blue, especially when its painting the sea or blooming on my skirt. I’m incredibly jealous of birds and I long to perch on a branch, so to ease my jealousy I have filled my room with anything that helps me to better pretend that I have wings. I have branches and birdhouses and cranes and paintings of trees and owls covering my room. If you have anything similar to this that you could give me, I would greatly appreciate it. I spend my days off lying on the floor with emily, quoting Anne of Green Gables and Jane Austen, and drinking coffee out of pretty little tea cups. In one corner of my room there is a stack of books that I keep renewing at the library, but havent gotten around to reading. I’ve been quite the insomniac lately, so if I still cant sleep by 3 am, I put the capo on my guitar as far down as I can, and pretend it’s a ukulele. I’ve wanted a ukulele since way before it was the cool thing to want one. Now I feel like if I get one I’m just being cliche, but I will still get one… one day. Well I suppose that’s all I have time for. I have to go study the most uninspiring subject of american history. Perhaps if I light my blue, seaside candle it will make american history seem like something enchanting… I’ll let you know.

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