If I had 10 dollars.

I’m finally finished with school for the semester and I’ve found my self exceptionally broke (as usual). So I started thinking: what would I buy if I had $10? Answer: nothing. I would save it or use it for gas. But gun to my head, if I had to spend $10 (or under) on something meaningless here is a little listy list of what I would buy. A christmas list if you will (for those of you who have yet to buy me a present.) So here you go, 10 for $10:

1. Go see Tangled. Seriously. I want to so bad.

2. Black nail polish (I’m going for the hard core look these days.)

3. Mustache Band-aides (Urban Outfitters)













4. 7.75 songs on itunes (I did the math)

5. A bird cage from Goodwill.

6. This Sweater (Forever 21)













7. SUSHI. It’s been too long.

8. Blue owl piggy bank… though I guess its not a piggy bank if it’s an owl (Urban Outfitters)













9. Dove Chocolate (I could use the little messages right about now.)

10. Big framed fake glasses from Claire’s

The End.

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