So…. It’s a new year. That means resolutions and such. I’ve decided for at least this new (and probably really lame) semester, I’m changing what my blog is about. For at least this first quarter (January to March) I’m going be at home… a lot, and I need something to focus on. This past year has been tedious and difficult for lots of reasons and I feel like I’ve lost some things a long the way that I want to get back. The new name “Jars” is for two reasons. 1. because I love jars. Seriously. I have them all over my room filled with random things. If you ever feel like giving me a random gift, give me your old jars. Please. 2. I feel like jars are very representative of my life right now. My life is in all these different compartments and I dont know how to make them go together. Its all very lost. At the same time, I also feel like I’m trapped in a jar, like a firefly or something, and I spend all my time plotting my escape to freedom, but then I dont have the courage to go through with it. Well my hope is this section of time leading up to my (alleged) trip to England, I will find freedom and sensibility right

where I am in boring Lilburn, GA. I want to rediscover my dreams and start to feel things again. And my hope is to be able to convey that on this here blog. I’m not really sure what that means but I guess I will discover it along the way. I would love any input that you, my lovely 3 (oh is it only 2 now?) readers, may have. Have the happiest of New Years.


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