Snowed In.

Hello everyone. I hope none of you are dead from boredom yet. This has been an interesting past couple of days and it has given me plenty of time to browse artsy blogs, read E.M. Forster, and drink copious amounts of tea. The beautiful snowy blanket has now turned to cloudy, inconvenient slush which has left us all wandering somewhere between the joy doing nothing and the stuffiness of cabin fever. I thought I would provide some ways to entertain yourself for a few hours especially since, chances are, your school has been cancelled for tomorrow too. Yesterday evening me and emily did some crafting with some old objects that every dancer is sure to have stuffed away in the back of her closet collecting dust: pointe shoes. Emily and I decided to paint them. Emily painted hers blue

I painted one of mine blue and then began to decoupage the other with pages from my copy of Hamlet (thank you Mrs. Wilson), however we ran out of elmers glue… And since we couldn’t very well go to the store I left mine like this with the hope that I will continue my decoupaging endeavors on another day.

The other thing Emily and I did was make paper snow flakes, because clearly there aren’t enough snowflakes outside. Then we hung them up in our room creating a winter wonderland without the freezing temperature. It entertained us for about and hour or so…

The other way I spent my time (besides facebook stalking all of you) was browsing these lovely blogs. Seriously they are amazing. Check them out.

and while you are checking out those gorgeous blogs, listen to this amazing song by cinematic orchestra…

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