Hello from Starbucks.

Hi everyone! I’m writing to you from starbucks in Lancaster, UK. In case you havent heard the terrible news, there are certain websites that are blocked at school and wordpress is one of them (I think they are trying to kill me). SO, I decided to take a little journey into lancaster to use UNRESTRICTED internet. It’s brilliant. This is going to be totes random and quick because I only have 47 minutes of battery power left but anyways… Life is amazing. I have now officially been here 4 weeks and it has been the most wonderful, edifying, and fun four weeks of my life. I’ve been to Keswick  in the Lake District which was beautiful and I went caving in the Yorkshire dales which was so random and fun. I drink lots of tea and eat WAY too many cookies. Also I eat insane amounts of peanut butter (nothing new there) and cadberry (I’m going to be fat when I come home). I check my mail box 6 times a day and am mostly depressed by it’s emptiness (hint hint). However, yesterday I received 3 letters and it was the best thing ever. I’m 20 now which is weird. I’m so old. My birthday was lovely. I was made to stand on my chair during lunch while everyone sang happy birthday to me. I bought myself some good, floral birthday clothes and I will have to get rid of some clothes I brought in order to fit them into my suitcase. On Friday I ate 3 and a half donuts. Bunnies live outside my door. I saw a hedgehog yesterday. I felt baby colt in the stomach of it’s pregnant momma. I spent a good 30 minutes on saturday blowing bubbles with a three year old. I lead worship for a communion service here at school on sunday night. I’m going to Edinburgh, Scotland this Friday. Pretty much life is a dream and I hate that it’s halfway over. I dont know how I’m going to come home, but I do miss and love you all. I wish I could say more, but I now only have 37 minutes of battery left and I still have a bunch of youtube videos I want to watch.

From Starbucks with love,


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