ok so first of all I would like to inform you that I am typing this from the castle. That’s right wordpress has been UNBLOCKED! God bless you Les. I’m ecstatic. Second of all I want to tell you that I spent last weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland… yup.. be jealous. It was pretty exciting. I would say the highlight was singing the scottish bagpipe song 24/7. Also finding out that one of our hostel mates was a MALE french belly dancer.. epic. We saw the castle from every angle. Me and megan watched people buy things at Top shop. We climbed Arthurs seat (me and jon scaled a cliff). We ate A LOT. Oh and karoake… summer lovin. It was kind of great. I like London better as a city but Scotland as a country is pretty awesome. I can’t wait to go to Glasgow in a couple weeks. So here’s just a few pictures and I will post a butt load more on facebook over the next few days.Edinburgh castle from a creepy cemetery

Cheesing at Edinburgh castle

on the edge of Arthurs seat post-epic rock climb

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