“Look at her she’s blooming”

Holllaaa from the Cape! I don’t know why I just did that. Anyways… I’m still at Capernwray until Monday and I am spending these 6ish days being cinderella. That’s right, I’m cleaning. Toilets, fireplaces, bookshelves, wardrobes. Anything that can be cleaned I am cleaning it. I have to keep reminding myself that I am in a castle in the english country side, but it gets harder and harder with each wipe of my dusting cloth. It is especially hard considering I’m cleaning my old haunts. (I learned that word from Megan’s grandparents.) See I just spent the lovliest 2 months with some truly wonderful people whom I was not ready to say goodbye to,and now I have to wander through all the places where we spent our time and clean them. Not the greatest thing ever. However, I think it has been a good way to help me move on. Bible school ending was like a bad break up. Capernwray was ready to move on, and I wasn’t. But as I walked around all the places where some of my best memories were made, I became increasingly aware of something I already knew. (Brace yourself for the cliche cheesiness.) The wonderful feeling I had while at Capernwray and the tornado of devastation I experienced when it was over had very little to do with the place or even the Bible school itself. It had everything to do with the change I saw in myself. I came to Capernwray knowing who God is and who I am, but not really sure what it looked like for me to walk in that. In these past two months I blossomed. I now have so much confidence and joy and peace. I got to experience what it means to be a woman after God and I had such a safe place to live it out. And though I am incredibly sad that this little section of my life has come to a close I am SO ready for what comes next… First stop: SPAIN.

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