Friday Favorites!!!!!

Friday favorites are back! Get excited. I wasn’t able to do them previously because the internet is on at funky times and I never could find the time to do it. I can’t promise I will be able to do it next week because I will be in Spain, but I will try my hardest… anyways here we go!
1. I’M GOING TO SPAIN ON MONDAY! EEP. I’m so excited. I will be in Granada and it’s going to be warm and they are going to have proper rice and it’s going to be awesome. On that note, I GET TO SEE SARAH HAYMON!!!!! It is going to be an epic reunion and I can’t wait.
2. The Lake District. Quite possibly the most beautiful place I have ever been. It’s one of those places that is impossible to take in fully. It’s completely unreal. I will be taking my mom and sister there as soon as possible.

3. I found a pound today! I lifted up this couch and a pound fell out. It was pathetic how excited I got.
4. I got to skype with Mr. Jonathan Happyrock for a little bit Thursday evening. He did his sleezy Mexican accent and he made fun of Emma’s dead bunny. All in all it was excellent.
5. I got a dress for 2 pounds at Primark… I will never stop being in love with that store.
6. Hi my name is Cinderella. Today I cleaned out a fireplace in the castle. I scrubbed it while little mice swept up cinders with their tails… I swear.
7. However cleaning hasn’t been so bad today because we are preparing for a WEDDING that’s tomorrow! I love weddings. I can’t wait.
8. WELLIES! I found a proper pair of wellies that someone left in the conference hall and they will be mine until Monday. I’m going to go slosh through sheep poop unhindered and it’s going to be awesome.

9. I’ve been hanging out with Emma too much. I talk British now. The most noticeable thing is that I’ve dropped my T’s when I say the word what. It’s kind of ridiculous and I’m working on saying that word normal again.
10. I get to skype with my family tonight!!!! I haven’t seen their faces since April 13. I miss them.

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