Things I miss Thursday

So I looked on my calender and I counted that I have three thursdays left before I go home. So, due to the incredible amount of “th”‘s I decided that these three thursdays are going to be “Things I Miss Thursday!” It’s all very exciting and I know it is going to be the highlight of your week (right after Friday Favorites.) So this Thursday I want to talk about two particular things I miss (in no relation to one another.)

The first thing (or should I say glorious, heaven-like location?) is CHIKFILA. In order to emphasize the deep love in my heart for Chikfila, I thought I would show you a few pictures of beautiful memories me and chikfila have had together.

Hours upon hours were spent at the Chikfila on hwy 29 during highschool, and photos like this were taken (I love you Lexi.)
We spent ages looking for a CFA in MIssissippi (the worst state ever.) We finally found one and Michael wore these awesome glasses... Miss you cuz.
Laughed a ton and embarassed myself thoroughly with this lovely lady. MMMMM. I get to see my twin REALLY SOON in Spain. yes.

Ahhhh… nothing better than a walk down Chikfila memory lane. I’ve already told my mom that Chikfila is the first place we are stopping once I’m picked up from the airport. WE SO EXCITED. (Rebecca Black is eternally seared in my brain.) I think what all this reminiscing has made me realize is that it isn’t just the food I miss (though that’s mostly it.) It’s all my wonderful friends and family who have spent countless hours at Chikfila with me. I cant wait to see you all and indulge in some sweet tea and waffle fries with you.

Now for the second thing I miss. My daddy! Due to the fact that is was Father’s day on Sunday I thought I should do a special tribute to my wonderful Father. Not only is he Ecuadorian (therefore awesome), he also is SO full of jokes. Even though my sister and mom think his jokes are annoying, for some reason he still never fails to make me laugh (even though he has been telling me the same jokes for the past 20 years.) My dad is good for lots of other things too like fixing my car (which he does a lot), giving me money for gas on the occasions when I am exceptionally broke, helping me with my Spanish homework, and playing a Beatles song (or any song) on the guitar. He’s just great, and I’m sure everyone that knows him would agree. I love you my dearest daddy. You are (and I quote) “WAY COOL.”

Mi Padre.

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