Things I Miss Thursday

Ok so only two Thursdays left till I go home! (and there was much rejoicing.) So lets talk about two more things that I miss.

Shopping. More specifically thrift store shopping. Now I’m not really one of those girls that’s addicted to shopping and loves hanging out at the mall (I actually really dont like the mall.) However what I miss the most is being able to shop without worrying if I have enough room in my suitcase. It has been terrible to walk into a charity shop, see a really cute pair of boots or heels or a top shop dress for a mere 4 pounds and not be able to buy it because of space and weight in my suitcase. It’s a travesty. However, it’s probably good because otherwise I would be out of money (well actually I am anyway but whatever.) I would also like to say: Value Village prepare to be raided when I return and have a steady income again.

MY OWN ROOM. Oh how I miss having my own room. Not just a room to myself though, my room with my bed and my comfy sunflower chair and my loads of unread books. I literally cannot wait to get myself a big bowl of chocolate ice cream, put on a hoodie (I forgot to bring a hoodie. Can you believe it?) and cozy up in my airconditioned room with a book. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? And I can blare my music and jump on the bed and be as loud as I want in the morning. Oh it’s going to be spectacular. I dearly miss having a space that’s mine. I also miss being surrounded by people that speak the same language as me, but that’s a different post entirely. Only one more Thursday to go!

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