Things I Miss Thursday

IT’S THE LAST ONE!!!!! AEDLAKDFLSLDHJGILVNJVKSLKDO! I’m excited… In case you couldn’t tell. So today’s thing that I miss is…………. AMUHRICA!!!!

Dear America,

I know we haven’t always had the best relationship in the past. In fact I think the word “hate” has been thrown around a couple of times. In fact I can forsee that word perhaps being used in the not so distant future. However, right now, I miss you (Happy Birthday by the way.) The reason for my current change of heart? 1. I’ve been gone for 3 months and I miss cake with fruit decorated like the american flag and hot dogs and sitting on the hot cement watching fireworks. But the more important reason is: 2. You’ve got the people I love. My family who I miss terribly. My sister in particular who’s 15th birthday is Friday! Also you’ve got my friends. I miss playing risk and making embarrassing dance videos and watching Pride and Prejudice 935680598 times and starting a band. Seriously America, You’ve got all the best parts of me. You’ve got all the people that make Lilburn, Georgia my home. I can’t wait to see you again my dear. I hate that you got on fine without me, but I’m so glad to come back a much better person than I was when I left. Here I come: tanner, with longer hair, now 20 years old, and full of experiences and memories. See you soon, lovely.


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