Howdy from Amsterdam. I’m so tired it’s ridiculous. However, I did get like 7 hours of sleep last night thanks to some relatively comfy benches. The plan was to wake up at 5 am and go see out of the airport and see Amsterdam for like an hour (aka find a starbucks and sit there.) However, 5 am rolled around and I was much too cold and tired and not wanting to move to go anywhere. Besides, it’s pouring down rain. So here I am at what is now 6:45 am totally exhausted, with slimy teeth and no coffee because Mcdonalds has yet to open. Blah. I’m ready to be home. I’m ready to be mommied. I’m ready to have help with my decisions and my laundry. I’m ready to stop being constantly freaking out about where my passport is. I’m ready to put the grownup thing on hold for the first week or so that I’m back. I’m probably going to post this and then read it later and be like, “wow I was so deliriously tired.” So enjoy the rambled thoughts of an sleep deprived mind that’s all traveled out.

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