Friday Favorites

hmmmm so I’m home now. So here is a small handful of Favorites from this week.

1. London. I’m so in love. I already knew I was in love with England and I had pretty big crush on London already but Sunday and Monday in London pushed me right over the edge. I love that city. It feels like home and it probably will be at some point in my life. Miss you my dear.

2. Being at home. I love my family heaps. Being at home has been wonderful and I’m very excited to start fixing up my room and getting a routine down and doing yoga and pilates again. Good stuff.

3. My friends are wonderful. Exibit A:

4. Harry Potter. If you saw it last night… you know.

5. Clothing. One of the best things about London is the way people dress. I was telling my mom the other day that people in London are so good at expressing themselves through the way they dress and the way things look. I’m obsessed. I’m going to try really hard to embrace individuality through my wardrobe choices. Floral.

6. Came across this preview for a new TV show and I think I’m obsessed. Also, why have I never been to New York?

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