10 Things I learned while living in Europe.

Things I’ve learned from 3 months in Europe:
1. They don’t have normal sized spoons. It’s either itty bitty or so big you can barely fit it in your mouth.

2. Fruit is dessert. No wonder people here are so skinny.

3. Everyone looks attractive driving a motorbike. It’s true. Every time.

4. People here dress significantly better then people in the United States.

5. It’s nearly impossible to get proper Mexican food… Apparently there aren’t many Mexicans here.

6. People drive like maniacs. The most reckless American driver looks like an old person compared to European drivers.

7. Biscuits are sandwich cookies with cream on the inside. They are not deep fried, buttery, flaky goodness.

8. Digestives are really good and not incredibly disgusting like the name suggests.

9. People who live in Europe don’t think Europe is that cool. They can pretty much fly to any country in Europe for under $100. They just don’t get how lucky they are.

10. In general they don’t really like Americans. At first I wondered why because I feel like we are pretty nice, but after being there for three months and coming across random American tourists, I get it. Ignorant and loud. This point has been hugely reaffirmed since returning home.

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