Busy Nothings

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written. I must admit, the idea of sitting down and processing the current state of my life is a bit daunting. I keep going over the last year in my head. I thank God for every detail of my day in Germany, month and a half in Ghana, 2 months in England, weekend in Scotland, 3 weeks in Spain, and even my 12 hour layover in Amsterdam. Wow. I’m incredibly blessed. But now it’s time to get serious. Time to buckle down and finish college and work. I’m living at home, going to community college, and working at Osh Kosh. The thought that keeps going through my head is: Where is the adventure in that? I’m dying to pack up and move to London.
Another reason that I haven’t written anything in a while is because I can’t really think of anything to say. This is mainly due to what I like to call “Elizabeth’s post-epic adventure grieving process.” Basically it involves me locking myself in my room, eating a ton of chocolate, and watching an entire series of a show. This year it was Teen Mom. This process is not exactly conducive to great blog writing. Also, just in case you wanted to know I’ve also found a great deal of therapy in crafting. (My room is now filled with fabric flowers.) So anyways, what is the point of this blog post? Mainly to say don’t worry I’m alive. However I also just want to say thank you to everybody who:

1. Put up with me while I talked about England and Spain ALL THE TIME
2. Encouraged me to go on the trip in the first place
3. Will encourage me on my next traveling endeavor, wherever it may be.

So thank you. Also, pray for London. I love that town.

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