Changing the World

So for my creative writing class we have to write a poem every week… A POEM EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Help me. Any ways the topic for this week was to choose a specific moment in time and write about it. Also our poems can’t rhyme. So here is my poem for this week. Feedback is appreciated.

Changing the World

There’s a sticky little hand on my face.

I look down and see deep, dark, bottomless eyes,

18 years younger than mine,

Yet so much older.

My arms around his tiny body

He looks up to see a light skinned, spoiled, teenage girl,

But he doesn’t know that we’re different,

Or maybe he does.

I flew across the ocean for this.

To sit on a cold, dirty, linoleum paneled floor

In a dusty orphanage in West Africa

Holding a child.

I love this moment of existence

Where I’m holding a baby and it feels like I’m changing the world.

I’m in a room stuffed full of happy children,

Who are HIV positive.

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