Making Up For Lost Time

So I realize that I haven’t really put forth any effort into blogging lately (I don’t think that copy-and-pasting my homework assignments really counts.) So I am back to fill you in on all the wonderfully boring things I have been up to. First of all check out my “where in the world?” page because I set up a little photo timeline of the places I’ve been so definitely check that out. Another thing that I recently did was drive up to Kennesaw, Georgia to visit some of my lovely old friends. Whenever I visit these particular friends you can always be sure it will result in good music and ridiculous videos. You can see both here:

I’ve also been doing lots of crafts lately (another words I’ve been sick and not working a lot so my boredom turns into creativity). I thought I would share with you some of the interesting things I’ve been experimenting with.

First is a project I like to call “I Hate Modern Art.” Ok, so I don’t HATE modern art, but some of it is just plain ugly and looks like it’s done by a 5 year old. Such was the one my mom had hanging in our basement. I wish I had a before picture because it was UGLY. So, I painted it white. However, the large paint swirlies were protruding from the canvas so I decided to cover the canvas with pages from books. Luckily some people had just given us a bunch of random books so I grabbed a couple with different fonts (a car repair book, a devotional book, a book about being a dad, and a trashy novel I had to read for my english class).


I tore out a bunch of different pages to plaster onto my canvas. I made a sort of paste out of glue, water, and modge podge. I also added a little bit of wood stain to give the pages a bit of an antique-y look and WALLAH (I feel insecure about how to spell wallah). I’m going to paint a picture on top of it.

As you can see the paint clumps are still noticible, but I still like it.

The next little project is called “Interactive Diary.” Basically what I did was take a random harcover book, paint it, decorate it, and fill the inside with random paintings, collages, quotes, pictures, and what ever else I decide to put in it. Here it is so far:

Pronounced free-est (emily...)

a peek inside my mind
The Ghost Owl. I will do a little tutorial on how to create these prints sometime soon..

a mini england collage :)

Well that’s all for now! I’ve got some more poems to post soon and a short story coming your way. Also I will be reinstating Friday Favorites very soon so stay tuned for that!

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