THE Christmas List

I’ve searched the web, read reviews, scanned pinterest, and just in genereal spent way to much time on the internet instead of doing homework, but here it is.

1. Doctor Who computer decal

2. She and Him christmas album

3. Floral Pants


5. Wild Horses Tee

6. Owly switch plate cover

7. Mindy Kaling’s book

8. Slippaaaaaaas

9. Headscarves of any kind

10. Elephant ring holder

11. THE TRAVEL BOOK by lonely planet


13. Digestives. 3 dollaaas at your local Publix in the international food section.

14. Gift cards for itunes, starbucks, forever21, urban outfitters, h&m, Joannes, or any of your local thrift stores (yes, goodwill has gift cards.)

One thought on “THE Christmas List

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