Friday Favorites ARE BACK!

Hello, hello, hello. Friday Favorites are back and better than ever. I will try to continue a steady pace of Friday Favorites, but I only say this because I have a month of winter break and I have time for these things. So here are some things that have kept me happy in the midst of being swamped with finals and papers.

1. As many of you know, I’m a big old nerd who likes to watch documentaries for fun. Netflix has a bounty of documentaries which I love to peruse through. The other day, I happened upon two really excellent documentaries. One is The Vice Guide to Travel. Really poignent, exciting, funny, moving, and so on. These guys go to the weirdest places and do weird things. It’s kind of awesome (plus they made an illegal documentary in North Korea). The second documentary is The Human Experience. This one made me cry. It’s an hour and a half of wonderful, heart warming tales of two (extremely attractive) brothers. Just watch it. It’s so freaking good.

2. “For a moment he contemplated her, as one who has fallen out of heaven.  He saw radiant joy in her face, he saw the flowers beat against her dress in blue waves.  The bushes above them closed.  He stepped quickly forward and kissed her.”   For those of you who haven’t read A Room with A View, go do that. NOW. And for those of you who have, there is a perfume based on that scene. Buy it for please?

3. Speaking of books, THE HUNGER GAMES. I borrowed the first two from Lizzie and I read them in two days. Then immediately after closing the second book, I grabbed my sister’s ipad and dowloaded the third one which I read in the next five hours. SO YA, they are good books. Plus, the MOVIE is coming out in a couple of months. Here is the epic trailer.

4. I STUMBLED UPON this website the other day and I love these photos. Someone took some 1920s pictures of Egypt and colorized them. So cool. It got me thinking about what Egypt might be like in the 1920s… hm.

5. David Sedaris was on Craig Ferguson. I love both those people so much. David Sedaris is such an excellence writer. Thank you to my college freshman English teacher for introducing me to him.

6. I love this Threadless t-shirt. It so perfectly describes what travel does to a person. Plus it’s cute.

7. Taylor Swift’s new haircut (photo via her istagram account). In case you live under a rock, she’s the one on the left. I’m totally into her bangs. I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair like this. My sister Emily says no. What do you say?

8. For everybody who loved Home Improvement and was TOTALLY in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas (what a dream boat) here is a nice little preview of their REUNION. I’m so excited. Heidi, get off my future husband please.

9. My last Creative writing class was today. So many talented people in there. We had to choose our favorite poems and favorite short stories from the class. I was really surprised when several people chose my poems and my short story. It’s humbling to have people like your work. I’m very thankful.

10. IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME. YAY. YAY. YAY. YAY. And even though my sixty dollar jeans ripped and Oshkosh is closing so I’m losing my job (I had to throw some bad things in here, sorry) I’m still feeling incredibly blessed and happy. Now if we would just decorate our house for Christmas already then I could be totally bursting with Christmas joy.

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