Hum Dum Doo Dee Doo

Yesterday's todo list... I don't think most of those count.

So since I have three finals to study for I thought I would procrastinate even more by telling you what I have been up to. As I briefly mentioned in my Friday Favorites post, the store I work for is closing. Yup, that’s right, Oshkosh is dunzo on christmas eve (merry christmas to us). So I’m going to be hitting the unemployment line right after christmas… Yaaay life.

It's been exceptionally rainy today. I kind of love it.

In other news, I failed my geology final, but still managed to make a B in the class! Apparently I’m great at doing homework, but not great at identify 50 random rock samples. Yup school is a bummer, but I’m very excited about transferring to Georgia State. I will trotting around downtown come January. Hooorah!

I've been headscarving lately.

Finally, my BMC dancers had their first performance last night. It went something like this:
– What do you mean two of the dancers can’t make it?
– I (sob) don’t (sob) want (sob) to (sob) dance (sooooooobbbbbbb)
– Sierra stop making faces, Sierra stop laughing, Sierra stop sitting down in the middle of the dance
– Don’t sing the words while you dance!
– Hannah, this is you’re part. You’re supposed to be dancing… Hannah… HANNAH.
And yet by some miracle, when the audience got there and it was time to dance, they did it perfectly. I was amazed.

Don't be deceived by the smile

So much happiness...

Now I’m off to Joann’s to get supplies for christmas present making. Right now I’m working on making journals, little decorative boxes, and snow globes.


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