Friday Favorites

So finals week is almost complete which means that Christmas is almost really really here. Like for real. Also I’m still trying to figure out how I should go about posting my short story, but I will probably post it in the next couple of weeks so get excited! Now let Friday Favorites commence!

1. So someone posted this video on the Capernwray Alumni page, and I really got a kick out of it. For those of you who don’t know, Capernwray is the Bible school in England that I went to back in April. I love this video because it was made in 1973, but this is EXACTLY what Capernwray looks like, every bit of it. And look at how 70s these guys are. I love it.

2. I’m totally obsessed with trousers right now… Not that I own a pair, but a girl can dream. They just look so comfy and classy. Two things I really want to be. I love this pair from Forever 21.

3. I know I’ve mentioned this once or twice before, but I had to do it again. Joana Goddard’s blog A Cup of Jo is so awesome. I like to pretend it’s my big sister blog. I want to be just like that when I grow up. She even has these awesome gift guides that are so trendy and cool and fun and everything wonderful. That pretty much sums up her blog too.

4. My latest thrift store find. I got this for 60 cents.

5. So usually when we decorate our Christmas tree we use all the homemade, family ornaments. We saturate the tree in Christmas memories, and I love it. This year though, we decided to change it up a bit. We busted out all of our fancy ornaments. Most of these are German and belonged to my great-grandmother. We decorated the tree in white lights and covered it in tinsel. It looks like a vintage Christmas dream.

6. Somebody on facebook posted a link to this website and I couldn’t stop reading it. It’s so honest and inspiring. I just love it. Good Women Project. Check it out.

7. So while I was on pinterest, I came across this recipe for hair lightening spray. I mixed up the ingredients yesterday and me and my sister started spraying it on our hair. I will let you know if anything happens. I’m hoping for some auburn highlights.

8. I turned in my final portfolio for my creative writing class today. It was a GREAT feeling. I’m glad to be done, but I’m also a bit sad. It was a good class, and it forced me to write, which is what I needed.

9. Sleeping At Last’s Christmas album is on Noise Trade, which means (brace yourself) IT’S FREE! Oh happiness. Definitely download it. It is so christmas-y and sad and snowy and wonderful. I’m in love.

10. Chocolate. With almonds. With yogurt. With ice cream. With strawberries. With stacks and stacks of homework. Chocolate is always good, even when you have finals to study for and pages of rewrites to do. Thank you chocolate for being such a good friend this week.

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