Friday Favorites

1. I found this article really interesting. “Happiness there isn’t a puppy or a warm gun, it’s not having to bury your newborn before his first birthday.” Happiest and unhappiest countries.

2. Ah, The Daily Show. So funny and so true. Like for real. It wont let me embed the clip, but seriously check it out, especially if you can’t stand ignorant people. The Daily Show

3. I love this $12 dress from Forever21 (obviously my go to store). Looks so comfy and classy.

4. BRAIDS. I love them hanging on my shoulder, wrapped in a bun or up on top of my head like this.

5. A Vanity Fair spread about the Hunger Games movies. I’M SO EXCITED. And I love Peeta.

6. This is the tie my future husband will wear on our wedding day. So trendy.

7. This tumblr is dedicated entirely to celebrity couples that have broken up. Really interesting and great photos. I love this one of Diane Keaton and Al Pacino.

8. Raise your hand if you read THE BOXCAR CHILDREN! Yes. I read nearly all of them. So good. If you haven’t read them you can buy the first one for a penny.

9. Guess what was on TV this week??? A special on the William and Kate. I love them. I also love every memory I have surrounding their wedding. (I was in England. I skipped class with my British roommate. I watched the wedding in a pub.) They are dreamy and perfect and wonderful. Sigh.

10. I’m finished at Community College. It’s looking like I’m going to have a new job lined up soon. My whole family is home for the holidays. Life is good, and I am thankful.

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