Blog Posts, Celebrities, and Being a Grownup

Hey everybody before I begin if you haven’t read my short story yet, check it out here!

So, I have this habit of coming up with ideas for blog posts while I’m doing very mundane things. For example, when I used to work at Oshkosh (what a sad phrase that was) I would often write whole stories in my mind while making neat piles of baby shirts. The stories would be called things like “The Boy at the Frozen Yogurt Shop” and I would write and entire novel about the cute employee at the frozen yogurt shop who gave me free yogurt. Just yesterday I started coming up with blog post ideas while I was doing the dishes. Most of these were lists. So here is a short segment I am going to call Blog Posts I Almost Wrote and I’m Sure You’re Very Glad I Didn’t. It is also an excellent insight into my thought processes.

Reasons Why The High-Five Should Be Eliminated

Things To Say After “Hi, How Are You” (I know I’m not the only one who goes totally blank)

Reasons Why Chick-Flicks Are Terrible

Reasons Why Chick-Flicks Are Great

Reasons Why I Loved Mindy Kaling’s Book

Things I Love About Peeta

Foods You Shouldn’t Eat On A First Date (Oreos)

Foods I Loved In Europe, But Now That I’m Home I Can’t Stand (sunny side up eggs)

Foods I Loved When I Was Little, But I Now Hate

Gross Food That My Mom Eats

Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good

Reasons Why I Love Pizza

Reasons Why I Will Never Be Able To Diet

Pretty much I could keep going about all the lists I came up with about food, because trust me there were a lot, but I think you get the idea. So other than the really strange things that go through my mind, I have also found myself feeling particularly grown up lately. It began when I went to eat breakfast the other morning (yup more food), and I voluntarily ate the butt end of the bread. You know, the part of the bread that has an entire side of crust? I ate that part… By choice. In addition to this, I also have been driving downtown a lot lately which had made me feel all mature and stuff. Mainly because 1.) I don’t really get lost any more, and 2.) Being downtown on my own doesn’t scare the brains out of me any more either. Also I chaperoned (yup I was the “adult” in the situation) my sister and her friends to a little outing in Atlanta to the Fox theater where they were having the So You Think You Can Dance auditions. We weren’t allowed in so we sat in a coffee shop across the street and watched dancers coming out holding their tickets. Then all of the sudden CAT DEELEY comes walking out. She and her “people” come out the front, down the sidewalk, and cross the street to come stand in front of us about 8 feet away. They were filming that bit where she introduces the city they are in and talks about the auditions and such. We were kind of freaking out. Especially considering the most famous person I had ever seen before then was that blind guy that was on American Idol. Anyways, it was awesome, and she’s actually not that tall. I would say like maybe 5’8.” So thanks for tuning in to my ramblings. I start school (downtown) on Monday so my posts will start being fewer and farther between, but I will try to update when I can. Cheers.

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