Friday Favorites (Back to School Edition)

So, my first week of school is finished. I’m loving being in the city, and I love all  my English classes (mainly because I’m a giant nerd). However, it’s a lot of work and the days are so long, so I thought I’d share some fun things that have kept me going this week.

1. Cute pencil cases are totally essential if you want people to think you’re awesome. Ok, so maybe not, but they are really fun to have. I love this one Lizzie gave me for Christmas.

2. That cute boy who sits by you in your English class. You know, the trendy one with the hipster glasses? Yup, he’s adorable.

3. So, I was watching Jimmy Kimmel last night and they had this whole beginning segment about college students buying textbooks. They shared this website where you can rent one text book for FREE. I wish I had known that before I spent $70 on a Norton Anthology, but I thought I may as well share it with all of you :) Rent here

4. I have a thing for vintage tins. I found this one at my grandma’s house and it’s perfect for holding my hairbands, bobby pins, and chapstick. I also buy them all the time at thrift stores for a dollar.

5. So as you probably have figured out by now, I make a lot of lists. Including, but not limited to, To Do lists. Every day I make one. I just filled up my To Do list notebook, so I decided I needed a new place to record my neurosis. Enter clipboard! I just cut out a piece of fabric in the shape of the clipboard and modgepodged it on. I put a bunch of loose leaf paper on it to write all my lists on! (This would not be a good time to talk about me going green and saving the planet.)

6. I got a new hair cut, and, story of my life, the lady cut it much too short. I said 1 inch, not 3. Also she gave me choppy layers a la 2003. All in all, I was pretty unhappy with it. But, I dyed a bit of the ends blonde (sort of ombre-esque) and I plan on doing it even lighter soon so hopefully it will all turn out alright. All this to say, I came across these hair resolutions and they inspired me to find things to do with my new shorter overly layered hair.

7. This youtube video. So funny. So true. I certainly do not want to borrow a copy of your nickelback cd.

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