New Hair

So ya, it’s been a while. To my defense, school has been completely mad. BUT this girl’s got straight A’s, so my insanity is paying off! Yes. I have been very active on Twitter now that my life is full of awkward and hilarious college moments. But I really do need to update you all on what has been going on. At this very moment, I am sitting on my giant bed with a cup of British tea and my hair hasn’t been washed in 4 days. This is about how my life has been lately. I sit on my bed writing argumentative literary analysis papers while drinking tea and watching Downton Abbey. If that doesn’t say “I’m going to be a single cat lady,” than I don’t know what does. My spring break has started (well I have one class still on Friday but I’m not counting that), so hopefully I will be able to write a proper blog post soon! Look forward to some Friday Favorites soon too :)

So my dearest friend Morgana comes to visit me on Monday, and I’m over the moon about it. I CANNOT WAIT. She is one of my lovely friends from Capernwray.

It’s creeping up on the one year anniversary of when I left for Europe, and I feel it. It’s very hard to describe the ache in my heart for that time of my life. Lots of people might think I’m exaggerating, but it’s such a real empty feeling. Memories are like that. What’s worse is the idea that somewhere down the road the memories won’t be as vivid as they are today. They’ve already faded so much, and I hate that. Sometimes I think back about when I went to Jordan, and lots of the memories and jokes we had are fuzzy and forgotten. That makes me sad. I’ve been hanging on to my memories so tightly lately. There has been some sadness in these past couple of months through the deaths of acquaintances, family members, and most painfully in the death of a friend. These things have stacked up and piled on, and I have been left with the task of sorting through it all. I do it by spending late nights looking through old photos, wearing an outfit that I wore when I was in Scotland, reading through my journals, drinking big cups of tea, and finding peace in Jesus. I’m fighting the urge to either buy a plane ticket to somewhere random or lie in bed with a bag of Doritos and hundreds of episodes of Doctor Who. But I know that neither of those things are what I need to be doing now. My life has been maddening and difficult and weird and unexpected, but that’s how my life has always been. I think that’s probably how my life will always be, but it’s good. Oh ya, and I got new hair.

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