Friday Favorites

woohoo their back :)

1. So I’ve been a little uncontent (its a word) with my hair lately. I like the color now, but my hair is just so straight and flat. All I want is one really messy hair day, but alas my hair refuses to do this. Well then I re-discovered two things that have changed my hair life completely. Back combing and dry shampoo. The best way I can explain to you how to use these tools effectively is to show you this video (btw check out the girls with glasses blog). I love how she calls her hair style the studious art student mixed with a bohemian survivor. Switch out art student for english student and that pretty much describes my overall look and lifestyle anyways.

2. My current favorite flowers are Peonies. They are just so romantic looking.

3. So I was stumbling around the internet, and I came across this video of how to do simple curls. I am here to tell you… IT WORKS. Normally I try these things and my hair ends up a kinky mess, but this time I was actually successful! I love this technique too because instead of leaving your hair in hideous curlers or braids while you wait for your hair to achieve curly perfection, you get to have your hair in a cute vintage hairstyle. That’s right, you can actually go out in public WHILE your hair is curling. That’s what I call a win-win.

4. So I haven’t had a super long time to bake lately, but I love yummy homemade things (I mean who doesn’t). Pinterest is a hotbed for delicious recipes, and just the other day I found this super simple and quick recipe for coffee cake in a mug. I made it yesterday and it was fantastic and only took me about 5 minutes. Delicious.

5. I found this post about some of the most amazing places in the world to go. I really appreciated this article since I’m basically on house arrest till I graduate.

6. Ok so this next favorite isn’t really a favorite. It’s more of just a random something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Yup, that’s right, I’ve been thinking woefully about all the clothes I left in Europe. How horribly materialistic of me, I know. But humor me for a moment. I left two leather bags (one was broken), a pair of hiking boots, my favorite pair of comfy moccasins, a grandma sweater, a floral sweatshirt, a floral thermal, and my most regretted peachy, flowy, floral shirt with the peter pan collar. (And that’s only about half of the items). That last one really makes me sad. I miss that shirt. This will teach me not to overpack… Here’s a picture of me wearing the late peter pan collared shirt. It was my very first day of exploration after arriving in London. Sigh….

7. So you may know that I love Burberry Acoustic. If you haven’t listened to the music they feature, you totally have to. It’s amazing. Also check out WatchListenTell. It proves that there is some truly awesome, non-Justin Beiber music out there. (Don’t get me wrong, I love the Beibs, but come on). My new favorite is Rae Morris. Like holy crap. Just… Ya. Listen to her.

8. So apparently this has been a good week for youtube, because my next favorite it literally my favorite thing that has ever been posted to youtube ever (maybe a slight exaggeration, but not really). The cast from Parenthood (who I am creepily obsessed with) made this music video to a cover by Landon Pigg (Mae Whitman’s boyfriend). IT’S SO GREAT. Like SO great. Just watch and it will totally make you want to be them, if you didn’t already.

9. THESE SHOES. They are so perfect. I want them. (Should I put them on my birthday wish list??) Love.

10. MEGAN COMES ON MONDAY! I’m so massively excited. I’m going to the european grocery store to hunt down some British food. I’m taking her to Chikfila, Stone Mountain, my favorite thrift store, and all the other awesome ghetto places in the ATL. WOO!

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