I’ve got to start writing  again. Lately the only things I write are to-do lists and tweets. How pathetic. However, I have decided to officially dedicate Thursdays as writing days. I’m setting aside 30 minutes to an hour, and if all goes according to plan, it will result in the next Harry Potter book series! I dream big. Hopefully it will produce some adequate work that I can post here and send away to be published also. Yippee.

Life has been peaceful. I had a wonderful spring break with Megan, and school is going well. Spring has come quite early to Georgia as well and even though I’m not much of a hot weather person, I do love all the flowers. Even with this quiet, little existence of mine, there are some big decisions I’m having to make about lots of different things. School is overwhelming. Starting to think about graduate school is even more overwhelming. Then, today on facebook, a friend of my posted a video reminding me of the now iconic saying: Keep calm and carry on. That’s basically how I live my life and though it’s been quite over produced and commercialized, it still is such a good reminder. So here’s this beautiful video of the origin of Keep Calm and Carry On. (It also makes me ache for England).



Other news: I voted for the first time ever this past Tuesday. It’s actually quite pathetic because I’m almost 21 and I had never voted before. Here’s to being super involved in politics and voting pretty much because my mother made me. And they had free cookies. It was kind of exciting though, and I do like the feeling of kind of sort of having a say in government. Though, the person I voted for didn’t even win. If nothing else, voting makes me feel incredibly patriotic.

I think I’m going to start doing Friday Favorites every other week or so, because otherwise I run out of interesting things to put on the list. Stay tuned for some real creative writing soon (hopefully). Happy Spring!

One thought on “Thoughtful

  1. Morgana

    jealous of your spring flowers!! i want to come back like, now. :-( Hope being back in school is going well and let’s go to England tomorrow! K? K.

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