Friday Favorites

1. SO DID YOU SEE IT? DID YOU? DID YOU SEE THE HUNGER GAMES? As you can probably tell from the all-caps screaming that just happened (and will happen again) I saw it. AND I LOVED IT. Like for real. Besides the fact that the movie was GREAT, the actors are totally the coolest people ever. And by that I mean, have you seen the beauty that is JOSH (if I was a person who cussed, I would insert the f-bomb here) HUTCHERSON? He is the perfect man, and I will spend my life stalking him via the internet. Ok, I’ll stop being 13 now (I WILL NEVER STOP).

The other person is Jennifer Lawrence. I JUST WANT TO BE HER BEST FRIEND OK??? She seems seriously cool and like the type of person who would make fun of you constantly and you would love it. Plus she seems awkward in a hilarious way, and this world needs more openly awkward people.

2. Now that I’m done expressing my deep love for people I will never meet, let’s move on to some real Friday Favorites. Staying on the topic of movies, there is this new one coming out that has peaked my interest. No, it’s not the new Zac Efron movie (but totally that one). It is ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER. I don’t know why I suddenly want to see this movie so badly, but I think it looks so cool. There is something about the idea of Abraham Lincoln, our greatest president ever, secretly killing tons of vampires that just seems totally and completely awesome. Here’s the trailer. Judge for yourself.

3.  All the seasons of Saved by the Bell are on instant play on Netflix. HOORAH! Literally all I’ve been doing this week is watching this show. Zack and Slater are dreamy.

4. Look at this awesome new camera. It’s a Polaroid AND it’s digital. So cool. Buy me one please?

5.Recipe for baked donuts? Baked means healthy right? Making these tomorrow. Gosh I love food.

6. So after you gain 25 pounds eating donuts, you’ll probably want to get back in shape. I have two tips for getting that hot bod (tips that I myself clearly have a hard time following). First: exercise. Obviously. Here’s my advice on that- If you have Netflix use the workout videos on there! They are hilarious and effective and there are a million different options. If I don’t change up my workout every week then I get bored and I end up sitting on the couch eating all day (ahem today). Second piece of advice: LOW CARB, HIGH VEGGIE. Sigh. This is my downfall. My diet plan goes like this- HIGH CARB, HIGH VEGGIE, HIGH PROTEIN, HIGH CAKE, HIGH OREO. I love to snack. But there is hope. Here are some genuinly good ideas for some healthy low carb snacks. Hallelujah.

7. My favorite new thrift store find is this Star Wars pillow. It was 80 cents. Don’t worry, I washed like 12 times.

8. I love Calvin and Hobbes. I’ve been reading those comics since I first learned how to read. Here are 25 great Calvin and Hobbes strips.

9. Somebody buy me these shoes! Please?


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