Friday Favorites

1. I’m going to see Bon Iver tonight!!!! I’m so excited. Justin Vernon, I’m coming for you.

2. Have you seen the Les Miserables trailer??? The sister and I seriously watch it everyday. It’s so good.

3. The Euros have started! Now, I’m not going to pretend that I sit around and watch soccer all the time, but I do love country against country tournaments. I like the Africa cup best, but the Euros are fun too even though I don’t really care who wins (anyone but France).

4. Here’s a funny little article about bangs. My bangs are mostly grown out, and I rather miss them. Should I get bangs again?

5. So, if you know me, you might know that I LOVE Mindy Kaling. I just think she’s awesome. So obviously I’m beyond excited that she is going to have a new show on Fox in the fall. The Mindy Project looks totally hilarious and wonderful.

6. I’ve posted a couple DIY projects from this new blog I’m obsessed with called Sincerely, Kinsey. Check out her blog. It’s lovely.

7. This is a good idea.

8. British telephone booth dress in honor of the queen’s diamond jubilee.


9. I’m super excited about taking a Vinyasa Yoga class at GSU. It will make summers at school a little less dull, I hope. Does anyone know what vinyasa means?

10. 10 days till the sister gets back from Europe with all my presents. She has been gone for 8 hours, and I’m dying. Come home soon sissy!

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