Woah I haven’t written since July… Sorry guys (the three of you). I was taking a lot of classes and working a lot and my computer broke and I moved and I’m really good at making up excuses. Also I’ve recently developed an obsession for Dawson’s Creek and therefore writing for fun has become pretty much obsolete. I thought about going through and detailing every little thing that happened to me last semester, but that would be boring and there were only a few really important things that happened. Here’s pretty much the summary:

Lizzie and I moved into a drafty little apartment in Atlanta that I totally love


Lizzie got engaged which totally wonderful and I get to be a bridesmaid and I’m so excited.


Besides that I’ve been living the nanny life, watching way too much television, reading loads of books, and I broke two iphones and one macbook. So a successful semester I would say.



Presently, the weather is weirdly warm. It’s one of those rare occasions where the weather is appropriate for wearing a short sleeve sweater (for real though who thought short sleeve sweaters were a good idea?). I almost enjoy it. It’s that kind of nostalgic warm that makes me think about Africa and listen to burberry acoustic and cry. In fact I spent all this morning looking up plane tickets to weird places like Tajikstan and Cyprus. My heart hurts a little bit when I think about how long it’s been since I traveled. One year and nine months if you were wondering. So yes, I’m very restless, which I sometimes mistake for loneliness, but it’s not. I’m finding so much satisfaction in being by myself and reading books and taking walks and kissing my little two year old babies. Graduation, my roommate’s wedding, making big decisions, and becoming an adult are all terrifyingly soon, but it’s sort of freeing. I’m much better at making life changing decisions than small ones. Do not ask me what restaurant I want to eat at, but if you offer me a job teaching English in Iran it would probably take me about a half an hour to say yes and buy a plane ticket. Anyways, life is good and confusing and scary and happy. I feel like I’m content and unsettled at the same time and it’s not a bad thing.


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