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So a lot of times, I’m a really good cook. Other times I ruin cookies and use chicken that’s gone bad and put too much garlic salt in pasta. However, most of the time I’m kind of a baller in the kitchen. One such time was this past Sunday, the Super Bowl. Now for some mystical reason, I was actually into the Super Bowl this year. It could be because most of my childhood memories of my brothers are of them playing football wearing 49ers jerseys. Or maybe it was because the guy from the Blind Side was playing. Perhaps it was because I think Beyonce is freaking awesome (I’ve been trying to do the Single Ladies dance all week). My mom was really into the Super Bowl because she liked that the coaches were brothers (classic mom). Probably it was a combination of all of these things, but I think mostly it was because I TOTALLY ROCKED at making food on this particular day. (Also I got to have some of my best and girliest girlfriends over to watch with me and the sis and it was perfect). What did I make, you ask? I made the classic, Super Bowl Sunday, American dish: Pita bread and Humus. Now you might be thinking, “that doesn’t sound that hard,” or “why would you make that for the Super Bowl,” or “why am I still reading this.” BUT let me tell you, that not only did I succeed in making said Pita bread and humus, but it tasted like I had taken a 14 hour plane ride back Jordan. IT WAS THAT GOOD. To me anyway…. My sister is probably like, “cool your jets, Eliza. It was only ok.” Whatever. To me it was perfect. The recipe for the pita bread I found here.




One piece of advice, use a little less salt than it asks for. For the humus I just used a straight forward humus recipe (like one I found on the google) and added some cumin and garlic and chili powder to make it a little more zingy. It was great. I felt empowered. Being able to cook well and also getting to see Beyonce kick ass made me feel validated as a woman. NOT THAT A WOMAN’S IDENTITY IS IN ANY WAY RELATED TO THE KITCHEN OR SEXY DANCING. GIRLS CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT AND BE AWESOME AT IT. FEMINISM.



(Side note/update on my cooking skills: today I tried to make healthy chocolate chip peanut butter cookies and totally failed, even though I followed the recipe exactly. I ended up eating mostly left over batter and threw the cookies away. Then I did 125 jumping jacks. But this is usually the story with me and cookies.)

So I guess the moral of this story is that I’m a feminist who makes good Middle Eastern food.

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