Movies and Feelings and Family

I love movies that make me feel things and actors who make want to be related to them. This is a post about that.

1. Ok so there’s this movie that I have been wanting to see for AGES, but pretty much everyone I know went to see it without me, so I decided to wait till it came out on Redbox ($1 movies are better than $10 anyways). As the months passed on people kept saying, “What?! You haven’t seen that movie?? You of all people? You’ll love that movie!!” And I was just like, “Yes, I know. I’m going to see it soon blah blah blah.” Well I have been anxiously awaiting to see this movie for months now and last week I finally saw THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER. I think I need to take a moment to process, because just saying the name of that movie makes me feel strong feelings. Sigh. That movie is just wonderful. I had read the book and loved it, and I was SO excited about the cast of the movie (I mean Mae Whitman with her head half shaved? Emma Watson with an American accent? Logan Lerman being sweetly awkward? It’s just perfect). I think that movie explains everything I felt about high school, even though my life was relatively untragic. But being an introvert can be traumatizing when you’re in the ninth grade at a new school. And I freaking love the 90s. And the music. It was all just so perfect to me. The movie is like a bottle of awkward adolescent tragedy and feelings and sweetness. Really, it was just the best. I love you, awkward Logan Lerman.

2. So I was scrolling through some of my old posts (because I’m a narcissist) and I came across my raving review of the Les Miserables trailer. Apparently it made me cry. Ok I know it made me cry… Actually it still makes me cry whenever I watch it. Anyways I feel like I owe it to myself and all of you (but mostly myself because, like I said, narcissist) to write about how freaking awesome that movie is. It made me feel more strongly than I feel about things in my real life. Ok so that’s exaggerating a little and that would be kind of sad, but you get the idea: feelings.

The other day, I was driving to my parents house and listening to the soundtrack and I started crying while listening to One Day More. That’s not even one of the sad songs!!! When I saw the movie the first time I started crying when (*SPOILER*) Eponine died and then sobbed progressively harder until they said “when you love another person you see the face of God,” and then I was just an explosion of emotional sorrow and happiness. Then I saw it a second time, and I cried the second Fontine started singing I Dreamed a Dream and literally did not stop crying for the rest of the movie. Also I was singing that song in the car today and I was crying so hard that I thought I was going to have to pull over. Laugh at me all you want, but that movie is good.

3. Oh, The Hobbit, you are my heart and soul. This movie was/is a dream. I know some people were like “oh they’re making it too long,” or “that didn’t happen in the book,” or “I don’t care about prequels.” BUT, I do not care. It was perfect to me. Martin Freeman is like a total bestie of mine (ever since Love, Actually and especially since Sherlock). And I was swooning pretty hard for the dreamy dwarves, Fili and Kili. I just love everything about Middle Earth and they can keep making movies about it until I die and I will love every single one of them. I think that’s where I go when I dream.

My Family of Actors/celebrities (written after watching the Oscars):

Jennifer Lawrence- my twin sister/best friend forever. When she won I said to my friends, “this is the closest I will ever come to winning an oscar.” They laughed at me. If you have yet to fall in love with Jen, let me refer you to this article. Doubt no more. Jennifer Lawrence is everything you could ever want in a bestie.

Anne Hathaway- my sweet, young aunt who is full of practical advice. I know there are a lot of Hathaway haters out there, but there are also people who hate chocolate and puppies and being happy. They are all the same.  From Princess Diaries to Nicholas Nickleby to the time she hosted SNL to Becoming Jane and obviously to Les Mis (and everything in between), she has been wonderful and funny and sweet and normal. Also she denounced the sex trafficking industry in her Oscars speech. So never forget how great Mia Thermopolis is, and never stop being jealous of how perfectly she can pull off a pixie cut.

Daniel Day Lewis- my great uncle who I’m really close with but also really afraid of. Last night, my family and I watched Last of the Mohicans and talked the entire time about all the roles we wish Daniel Day Lewis had done (Jesus in Passion of the Christ, William Wallace in Braveheart). He cracked jokes in his Oscars speech, surprising us all with how witty he is, and he is so weird. Also Daniel Day Lewis will be Abraham Lincoln to me forever.

Ang Lee- my dad. Really, Ang Lee just reminds me exactly of my dad. They have same ears and smile the same and they both laugh all the time. Plus I just love happy Asians.

Adele- my cousin that my parents warn me to not become like. I love when Adele talks. She has the most choppy, un-posh, unsofisticated, (dare I say chavvy?) British accent. It’s hilarious and down-to-earth. But then the second she sings, there could not be anyone more classy and perfect. She is a contradiction, and I love her for it.

Hugh Jackman- the uncle that always gives me presents and has never been mean to me ever in my whole life. HE IS JUST SO NICE.

Needless to say, it has been an excellent year in movies that make me happy/make me cry/make me feel things. And I cannot wait for The Great Gatsby. And Catching Fire. And The Hobbit: Part 2. And the Boy Meets World sequel on Disney Channel (What? I’m excited).

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