The Birthday List

Here are a few things that a travel-loving, somewhat-hippie English major would like to receive for her 22nd birthday.

1. Little silver rings for the middle and pointer fingers. Stacked, wavy, flower, leaf

2. The perfect adventuring backpack for Europe or Australia or downtown Atlanta. Beautiful leather, stripey, leather and cognac, little triangles
3. An iPhone case. One can never have too many clever, pretty, or nerdy iPhone cases. Bears, Hilarious, Mulan, and my very favorite She Will Move Mountains
4. A gift card to The Dry Bar! For when you just want a good head massage and to have your hair played with, washed, and styled without a haircut.
5. A plastic mason jar mug for drinking iced coffee while taking to the train to summer school.
6. Every Lord of the Rings nerd needs a Hobbit Door Necklace. Obviously.
7. Things to stay fit. Like a water bottle that tracks how much you drink, a yoga bag made from recycled materials, some skinny leg yoga pants with a hidden pocket, or a gift card for some awesome hot yoga classes.
8. Some of the best books for traveling. Delaying the Real World, Vagabonding, Backpacking, or THE Travel Book.  Also two books for reading on airplanes or in a park by the river: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls By David Sedaris and The Lemon Table by Julian Barnes.
9. Some pretty things to sleep in, like a button up sleep shirt, some lace trimmed pj shorts, or a pink and grey striped robe.
10. A spontaneous day trip to the beach! Pack up the car with beach towels, granola bars, and bottles of wine and drive to the nearest ocean. The beach is always a good idea.

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