We’ve settled into a cloudy and breezy May here in Georgia, and I don’t hate it. My classes are finished for the spring semester and I have a week and a half until Maymester (woohoo). It’s time to focus on grad school apps again. My mind has been blessedly free of them for the last couple of weeks as I finished up school. Today, I started reading for fun again (Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris) and I have been doing double the amount of yoga which I love so much. I’m hoping to maintain all this peace while I watch many of my friends take off for far away lands (many many) and I stay here. “You had your time,” my mother and sister insist. They’re right of course.

On Wednesday, I had a lovely coffee date with one of my bosom friends. We experimented with my brand new (used) DSLR camera.








Of course we had to attempt to scale the rocks, even if we were wearing skirts.



It’s been a happy beginning of May and I’m excited about the summer and the future and stuffs. You know. Hopefully I’ll have some new adventures to document soon. Love love love.

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