Thrift Store Finds

I went thrift store shopping last week with my mom (not that that’s anything new), and I decided to share some of my finds with you all. I got these things from Park Avenue Thrift. And while we’re on the subject, here’s a thrift store shopping tip for you: if you are thrifting on a time crunch, skip the colors you don’t like or the ones you know look bad on you. For me that’s red. I always skip red.

Loose purple scoop neck top (originally H&M) and High-waisted denim shorts



Button up dress, blue with white polka dots (I have another similar one that I will be selling on etsy soon)


Blue and white striped maxi skirt



I think I’ll do some more thrifting this weekend. It’s my therapy. I will hopefully have new clothes to post up on the shop soon too. I’ve been collecting some great vintage things that I can wait to share. Namaste! (I don’t know why I said that.)

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