Don’t panic, 7 years till 30 is not that big of deal. Give yourself 2 more years, then freak out.

Don’t worry that you haven’t found love yet, because actually you have. It’s just not the kind of love you thought you would need.

Remember that it’s ok to fall in love with the wrong person. And it’s ok to hold onto it longer than you should. But when you do let go, do it gently.

Remember that the right people will make time for you when the wrong people don’t. But always forgive the wrong people.

Remember that you are worthy of goodness. And hey, you’re even pretty nice to look at sometimes.

Don’t settle for trying to feel good about yourself because that guy on the sidewalk made a comment about your ass. Feel good because of the thoughts in your mind, and that you have two feet that can walk towards something as often as they walk away.

Fall in love with more people. Trust your hands to be reaching in the right directions.

Remember that when you open up your fists you want there to be something, anything, in your palms. There is no greater regret than hands that are empty.

Remember that you don’t have to settle for a life you don’t love or a love that doesn’t love you back. You were made for movement, so move. Come and go and the right things will join you, but sometimes they won’t. Sometimes they’ll take a really long time. Sometimes they won’t feel like right things. Sometimes the wrong things mask themselves so well that they fool you for much longer than you want to admit. But you’ll realize it eventually. Remember then, that it’s ok.

When you’re in the middle of the worst day of your life, don’t forget about the best day of your life.

Understand that there’s a chance the real worst day of your life hasn’t come yet. But also know that it’s a guarantee that the best day(s) of your life are still ahead.

There are worse things than held hands coming apart.

Your love for God will never be wasted. Neither will your love for people. Neither will your love for words.

Take the moments as they come and dwell in them.

Just follow what you love. What you really, truly, deeply love. To love is the greatest calling we have in our lives. That’s love in every form. And I believe, I have to believe, that all my many forms of love have a purpose. Don’t brush your love away and excuse it as a mistake. Loving is not a mistake.


Be brave and then be braver.

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