Under the Covers

I’m doing a lot of packing and cleaning these days. I move out of my little dorm room tomorrow, and I’m going to Kosovo in a week and a half (yay!). Here are my top 11 (because I couldn’t narrow it down to 10) favorite song covers that I have been slow jamming to lately. They are full of feelings and adventure and happy just like all our summers will be.

11. London Grammar- Wrecking Ball. Amazing, and also a more socially acceptable way to enjoy this Miley Cyrus jam.

10. Daughter- Get Lucky. I have to include this just in case you haven’t heard this amazing cover yet.

9. The 1975- What Makes You Beautiful. The 1975 is a dirty little band from Manchester that I accidentally discovered while at a The Neighbourhood concert. They are pretty amazing and I love the fact that Matty looks like he’s going to start laughing and/or crying at any moment.

8. Milo Greene- We Didn’t Start the Fire. Because Milo Greene is my favorite and this song always reminds me of The Office. (It starts like 1 minute in).

7. Thirty Seconds to Mars- Stay. I will always stay, Jared Leto. Always.

6. Ed Sheeran and Passenger- No Diggity + Thrift Shop. This has been my favorite for a long time. I just can’t stop listening to it. And these two singers are the ultimate dynamic duo (especially when it comes to songs that make me weep).

5. Bastille- No Scrubs. This is forever my jam as I walk down the streets of Beirut. No scrubs here, please, thank you.

4. Ben Howard- Video Games. Forever one of my favorite songs. Forever one of my favorite artists.

3. Tom Odell- I Knew You Were Trouble. Tom Odell is recent love of mine. He solidified my love for him when he did this Taylor Swift cover that makes me weep.

2. ADDIE- Blurred Lines. I typically hate this song (like the good little feminist that I am), but this cover is INSANE. This girl should sing every song ever written ever.

1. Ed Sheeran- Drunk in Love. Oh. My. Beyonce. As if I wasn’t in love with Ed Sheeran enough already, he goes and does this perfect cover of Queen B’s number one jam. It doesn’t get much better than this.


Honorable mentions: Miley Cyrus- Summertime Sadness, Arctic Monkeys- Hold On, We’re Going Home, Gabrielle Aplin- Best Song Ever, Birdy- Wake Me Up (and every other Birdy cover for that matter).

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