Throwback Thursday

I have rediscovered a notebook full of little love poems I wrote when I was 22. I’m not sure what to do with them so I thought I would share them here, every Thursday until I run out (or get lazy). They are mostly title-less, messy, and unedited but I like them. I hope you do to.

November 12, 2013

I think I see you everywhere

and sometimes I do

and sometimes I go out of my way

to run into you accidentally

because I think that will make me feel better

really it makes me feel like nothing

but even nothing is a feeling

I have a lot of feelings

they are my skin

part of my body

connected to my veins

reaching deep inside of me

but never quite managing

to touch my vocal chords

and so silence is my skin too

I know you’ll never be my voice

I have to be that for myself

but it sure would help if I knew

that the words coming out of your throat

matched the words coming out of mine

The world doesn’t work that way

it never has for me

I have to find the confidence buried

somewhere in my body

I will find it and it will come bursting forth

and it will be beautiful and I will be beautiful

and you will see me everywhere


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