About Elizabeth

Hello! Thanks for stopping by!


I’m Elizabeth. I live in NYC with my cat (Phoebe), my dog (Wendy), and my partner (Tucker).  Though I’ve moved around a lot in the last few years, I was raised in Georgia and consider Atlanta to be my hometown.

I got my bachelors in creative writing in 2013 and then moved to Lebanon where I lived for 6 months, followed by Kosovo where I lived for nearly two years. I’ve also spent significant time in England, Jordan, Spain, Ghana and Thailand. I moved to New York City in 2016 for graduate school and got my masters in International Educational Development from Columbia University where I wrote my thesis on the impact creative movement has on the social and emotional wellbeing of adolescent refugee girls. I work for two non-profits (Back to Humanity, and LiveYourDream.org), and I work as an Emergency Department advocate through Mt. Sinai’s Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Program. Last but definitely not least, I am a doula trained through DONA International. For more information on my work as a doula, you can go here.

I’m a traveler, writer, dweller of coffee shops and mountain tops, feminist, yogi, former ballerina, occasional musician and avid thrifter. I’ve been to 27 countries, and though my traveling has slowed recently, I hope to go to 27 more.

I’ve had this blog since 2009 and have used it for random thoughts, poems, stories, travel posts, lists, and other musings. I hope you find something here that speaks to you.

For more of me, I’m on Instagram and Twitter, and you can find some of my work at damselfly press, Nomadapp.co, Rusted Radishes, Pour Vida, and I write regularly for Release the Women.



4 thoughts on “About Elizabeth

  1. Randy (and Pati) Walchle

    I’m glad I found your blog. I have been having difficulty understanding the techno digital world. I use a small world of it, but everything else is a blur. I like your blog it gives me some ideas. May God use you richly Elizabeth in Kosovo.

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