Dear California,

I woke up this morning with California on my mind, so naturally, I wrote it a letter.


Dear California,

You are magic. I bet all the girls tell you that. But it’s true, and I mean it.

I’ve been thinking about the first time I ever saw your Sequoias. I was only eleven or twelve, and it is one of the only things I remember about being that age. I was a small child and there was so much snow that I thought I would disappear into it. But that was nothing compared to how small I felt standing next to the trees. They were impossible, and yet I was looking right at them.

I think one of my favorite things about you is your transience, or my ability to be transient while I’m with you. I can have my pick of landscapes: desert, city, sandy beach, rocky beach, mountains, forests. You have all of it. You’re dusty and massive, quiet and dreamy, minimal and contrasting. I welcome every change of your landscape. It is an echo of the ever-changing nature of my own heart. We are both fickle in our own ways.


When I was in university, I would sometimes tell people, “I’m from California.” A lie, of course. A nice thing to pretend, at least. At 22, I rented a car and drove up highway 1 in pursuit of clarity and romance. I don’t remember if I got either of those things, but I do remember that I pulled over every fifteen minutes just so I could run to the sea shore and stick my toes in the water.

The last time I was with you, I was heartbroken in my own small way. I stayed with you for a while and let your magic heal me just a little bit. There I was, traveling up highway 1 again, farther this time and not alone. With every turn there was something breathtaking. At times like that you have to be careful and make sure your heart’s still beating. We came to a cold, rocky beach near your northern border and I listened to the ocean flow through me. I explored caves and cliffs. I climbed up and down every rock that I could. And I discovered your redwood forests for the first time. I think you might be hiding fairies in there.


It’s been almost two years since I’ve seen you. I don’t think about you every day, though maybe I should. But I think about you when it matters, like right now, on a cloudy Thursday. And I think about how we are both living lives of movement, and even with all the dust that shakes up, it’s a beautiful thing.


Hope to see you soon,





Throwback Thursday

Another old love poem written on a cold afternoon in a coffee shop somewhere.


The third poem I write for you

will be a pretty snowflake

resting on your sleeve,

so small you don’t notice

but there all the same.


The third poem will be bright and full

a siren that brings life

like a cup of coffee that you buy me

and in a moment

the world is our shining carousel.


The third poem will be Lewis and Clark brave

telling you all about how

I’m almost about to be falling

in ill-timed love with you

and though I’m the one who’s leaving

You’re the one that is slipping

through my fingers.


The third poem I write for you

will be the one that you see.

I’ll leave it on your car or slip it into your hand

or give it to you as a gift,

my goodbye letter,

and you’ll read it and chase after me,

in my mind.


Throwback Thursday

Written on a park bench when I was 22.

This is how I write

I just scribble

little nothings

until I stumble upon

a something

(a rare occurrence).

On my best days

my words fall out of my fingertips

like leaves from branches in autumn

they mix in piles on the ground

and people I like

and a few that I dont

and mostly strangers

shuffle their feet through my words

unaware that they are wading ankle deep

in my heart.

It hurts

writing hurts

because feelings hurt

all those crowded thoughts in stacks in my brain

waiting for their turn to roll off my tongue

or leak from my pen.

The hardest part is not knowing

how to turn it off

so every word

written or spoken

every grammatically correct text message

ever look or blink or touch

all of it is my poetry

wild and unchained

pieces of my mind.


Things I Miss Thursday

IT’S THE LAST ONE!!!!! AEDLAKDFLSLDHJGILVNJVKSLKDO! I’m excited… In case you couldn’t tell. So today’s thing that I miss is…………. AMUHRICA!!!!

Dear America,

I know we haven’t always had the best relationship in the past. In fact I think the word “hate” has been thrown around a couple of times. In fact I can forsee that word perhaps being used in the not so distant future. However, right now, I miss you (Happy Birthday by the way.) The reason for my current change of heart? 1. I’ve been gone for 3 months and I miss cake with fruit decorated like the american flag and hot dogs and sitting on the hot cement watching fireworks. But the more important reason is: 2. You’ve got the people I love. My family who I miss terribly. My sister in particular who’s 15th birthday is Friday! Also you’ve got my friends. I miss playing risk and making embarrassing dance videos and watching Pride and Prejudice 935680598 times and starting a band. Seriously America, You’ve got all the best parts of me. You’ve got all the people that make Lilburn, Georgia my home. I can’t wait to see you again my dear. I hate that you got on fine without me, but I’m so glad to come back a much better person than I was when I left. Here I come: tanner, with longer hair, now 20 years old, and full of experiences and memories. See you soon, lovely.


Things I Miss Thursday

Ok so only two Thursdays left till I go home! (and there was much rejoicing.) So lets talk about two more things that I miss.

Shopping. More specifically thrift store shopping. Now I’m not really one of those girls that’s addicted to shopping and loves hanging out at the mall (I actually really dont like the mall.) However what I miss the most is being able to shop without worrying if I have enough room in my suitcase. It has been terrible to walk into a charity shop, see a really cute pair of boots or heels or a top shop dress for a mere 4 pounds and not be able to buy it because of space and weight in my suitcase. It’s a travesty. However, it’s probably good because otherwise I would be out of money (well actually I am anyway but whatever.) I would also like to say: Value Village prepare to be raided when I return and have a steady income again.

MY OWN ROOM. Oh how I miss having my own room. Not just a room to myself though, my room with my bed and my comfy sunflower chair and my loads of unread books. I literally cannot wait to get myself a big bowl of chocolate ice cream, put on a hoodie (I forgot to bring a hoodie. Can you believe it?) and cozy up in my airconditioned room with a book. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? And I can blare my music and jump on the bed and be as loud as I want in the morning. Oh it’s going to be spectacular. I dearly miss having a space that’s mine. I also miss being surrounded by people that speak the same language as me, but that’s a different post entirely. Only one more Thursday to go!

Things I miss Thursday

So I looked on my calender and I counted that I have three thursdays left before I go home. So, due to the incredible amount of “th”‘s I decided that these three thursdays are going to be “Things I Miss Thursday!” It’s all very exciting and I know it is going to be the highlight of your week (right after Friday Favorites.) So this Thursday I want to talk about two particular things I miss (in no relation to one another.)

The first thing (or should I say glorious, heaven-like location?) is CHIKFILA. In order to emphasize the deep love in my heart for Chikfila, I thought I would show you a few pictures of beautiful memories me and chikfila have had together.

Hours upon hours were spent at the Chikfila on hwy 29 during highschool, and photos like this were taken (I love you Lexi.)
We spent ages looking for a CFA in MIssissippi (the worst state ever.) We finally found one and Michael wore these awesome glasses... Miss you cuz.
Laughed a ton and embarassed myself thoroughly with this lovely lady. MMMMM. I get to see my twin REALLY SOON in Spain. yes.

Ahhhh… nothing better than a walk down Chikfila memory lane. I’ve already told my mom that Chikfila is the first place we are stopping once I’m picked up from the airport. WE SO EXCITED. (Rebecca Black is eternally seared in my brain.) I think what all this reminiscing has made me realize is that it isn’t just the food I miss (though that’s mostly it.) It’s all my wonderful friends and family who have spent countless hours at Chikfila with me. I cant wait to see you all and indulge in some sweet tea and waffle fries with you.

Now for the second thing I miss. My daddy! Due to the fact that is was Father’s day on Sunday I thought I should do a special tribute to my wonderful Father. Not only is he Ecuadorian (therefore awesome), he also is SO full of jokes. Even though my sister and mom think his jokes are annoying, for some reason he still never fails to make me laugh (even though he has been telling me the same jokes for the past 20 years.) My dad is good for lots of other things too like fixing my car (which he does a lot), giving me money for gas on the occasions when I am exceptionally broke, helping me with my Spanish homework, and playing a Beatles song (or any song) on the guitar. He’s just great, and I’m sure everyone that knows him would agree. I love you my dearest daddy. You are (and I quote) “WAY COOL.”

Mi Padre.