The Dancer

Her barefeet step out

Onto the cool, black floor.


Music rushes in her ears and then

Down deep into every dark, cobwebbed corner

Of her being.

Her fingers feel it first,

Her arms and sholders follow close behind.

Her head is next,

Rolling and swaying.

Her long loose hair is a deep, brown river swirling around her.

She throws herself around and her body says, “Nobody cares”

While, curving gently, her arms breathe out an “I love you.”

Down and up, her hands and feet take turns flying and then

She lets her whole body lift off.

One moment of stillness, isolation, god-like perfection

Abandoned in mid-air

Until gravity throws her down and only the ground is there to stop her.


She walks out of the room with heavy breath,

Her head held high as a queen,

But her secrets stay,

Frozen in the air behind her.



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